Mar 1, 2011

While it's always nice to fit back into my own bed/arseprint on the couch/background noises after a vacation, I always feel a few pieces short of a puzzle when I'm returning from Ireland. There are pieces of me that only fit there, and I suppose, pieces of me that only fit here. (Unfortunately, my wobbly bits do not detach in either direction.) I might have a mild split-personality disorder (note to self: check if grinding your teeth is a symptom of split-personality), or maybe we all feel like we pick up pieces of ourselves when we visit home, regardless of the mileage traveled.

Yesterday, I was wishing a violent volcanic eruption on Iceland so that I could have another few weeks with my home bits. Greedy—and maybe even evil (sorry Bjork)—I know, but I just wasn't ready to get on a plane. I needed three more weeks: a week to spend more time with people I know—my nieces, nephews, grandmother, and friends; a week to spend time with people I don't know—shopkeepers of Grafton Street, Avoca, secondhand bookshops, and old man bars; and a week to spend time in between knowing and not knowing—at my father's grave. 
A few hours in Duty-Free wouldn't go astray, either.

Today, I'm grateful for our lovely visit and for all we managed to see, do, eat, and drink in a week (more to come later!) Grateful that our bits made it over and back without injury/baggage penalties. Grateful for all that I have on both sides of the Atlantic.
(I'm also a bit shaky and trying to figure out how I can get Weight Watchers, Java Junkies, Sugar Shakers United, and Alcoholics Anonymous in one room for a bit of calm.)
Thanks for all the lovely vacation wishes!
xo jac


josie said...

welcome back jac!! hope you had a great time.

i totally understand the part about some parts of us fitting in different places. that is exactly how it is for me when i go back home to dominican republic.

:) josie

Jacinta said...

Thanks Josie, glad I'm not the only one with bits in storage abroad! Dying to go to the DR by the way—your Irish man is very lucky (you're obviously fab, you cook, and you're from a warm patch of earth!)

josie said...

you should go to dr, it is beautiful there. let me know when you decide to go and i will send some suggestions.

(ha! i'll tell him what you said!)

Jenji said...

So glad you had a great trip -- and that is a smashing photo of you, by the way! Love the scarf and the whole chic, woman-of-the-world look! In the photo, at least, you seem to have all your bits and wits about you. ;) Most of all, glad you had time with your family and could commemorate your dad...

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