Mar 8, 2011

Pancake Tuesday!

After Christmas, Pancake Tuesday was always my favorite religious holiday as a kid. It didn't merit a day off school, or a line of Hallmark cards, and there is no battered/batter-pouring saint to thank or summon for the occasion—in fact, it's not technically a religious holiday at all, but I swear I heard choirs of Heavenly angels when I woke up on what felt like any other dull and grey Tuesday and realized it was Pancake Tuesday.
I remember skipping to school with Mary Nugent, one-upping each other the whole way with the exotic fillings and flavors we would stuff our pancakes—and faces—with later that day. Mary might have had chocolate and marshmallow fillings but my mother could easily take her mother in a pancake flip/showdown; besides, who needs marshmallows or chocolates when you have lemon, sugar, and jam?
It wasn't until I moved to the U.S., and tried what qualifies as a pancake here (heavy, circular slabs drowning in syrup), that I realized we Irish are much more chic and gourmet than our corned-beef-and-cabbage mislabel; we eat—and dedicate a whole day to—crêpes, the national dish of France! Yes, our pancakes/crêpes, like all things French, are skinnier than all things American, and they are therefore better suited to rolling and filling with all things yum, like bananas and berries.

I'm planning to kick off the fastin' season with a little feastin' on crêpes tonight, and thought to share this recipe for traditional Crêpes Suzette from Irish celeb-chef, Clodagh McKenna. Wonder if Mary Nugent is serving her pancakes with an orange glaze tonight?

Click image to enlarge, or find the recipe on Clodagh's site,
Happy Pancake Tuesday!


josie said...

jac! thanks so much for this recipe! i am making these crepes/pancakes tonight for the first time and i am a bit nervous as the only pancakes i've made before came out of a box. i will read this over for tips and inspiration.
happy pancake tuesday!

Jacinta said...

Good luck Josie! I just counseled my sister out of the package-pancakes last night and I'm happy to encourage you, too! Trust me; pancakes are so easy to make and they are sooooo much better when made from scratch. Keep a plate in the oven/warming drawer with sugar and lemon so that your pancakes soak up all that sugary-lemony goodness while you are making the whole batch. Also, don't sweat if you burn/screw-up the first one in the pan; it's a learning process/right of passage. Good luck and happy Pancake Tuesday! xj

josie said...

thanks so much for the tips!! i will definitely keep them in mind tonight. i will post pictures of the whole thing.

josie said...

thank you so much for the tips jacinta! they came out perfectly and i didn't even burn any. :)

Jenji said...

Where has this holiday been all my life?? Can I be a faux-Irish person for a Tuesday and indulge?

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