Mar 13, 2011

I Heart Mayo (Not Mayonnaise)

I answer the "How long have you been in the States?" question at least once a week. I usually pause as if I haven't thought about it in a long while/week, count on my fingers for dramatic effect, and then respond with surprise/alarm/teary eyes (depending on my audience) "almost sixteen years." 
If anyone asks me today, I will say "too long." 

See, when I came across I Love Mayo's prints this morning, I spent at least ten minutes thinking it a bit odd to name a shop for the love of mayonnaise. Then, I read the "Who Are We?" section and realized that it's "a showcase for artists, photographers, and craftspeople living or working in County Mayo in the west of Ireland." I had a few drinks last night and the clocks sprang forward an hour, but still, I thought mayonnaise before County Mayo.
Thinking in the language of my new home before my old one would be a triumph if I had lived in France or Spain for almost sixteen years, and thought French or Spanish before English; thinking American slang before Irish feels like failure. So not fair.

I don't even like mayonnaise.

I do like County Mayo. I also quite like I Love Mayo's selection of prints by Jane Steger-Lewis, especially this cajoling "Aw go on" tea print (every kitchen should have one):

And these contemporary designs of traditional Irish blessings would make lovely gifts:

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Great post. Just catching up here. That Mayo site is brillo.
Hope you are settling back in.

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