Feb 20, 2011

Homeward Bound!

 Goggles Umbrella, 25togo

We're off to Ireland tonight! I'm so excited, and can't wait to see family, friends, and even strangers, too. It's election week while we're there, my grandmother's birthday, and there are new babies to be met, and old haunting spots to be revisited, so there'll be no shortage of excitement.

I'm struggling to be realistic in my packing ... for once. I've had a blue silk polka dot dress hanging on my closet door for a week begging to come home with me, but I keep telling it that it doesn't get any action here so why in the name of all that is sacred would I suddenly start wearing it in Ireland. Perhaps it's the (self-imposed) pressure to look halfway-decent when I run into everyone I've ever known and their mother; you want to send them home spreading the word that you're looking mighty, and that New York is treating you very well, indeed ... Ugh! the dress is back in the bag, along with control-top tights, brightening face mask, red lipstick, teeth-whitening strips, and a padded bra.

This is what we're facing weather-wise:
It's cold here now, and there's snow in the forecast, so a little Irish rain/drizzle/cloudiness will be a welcome break. Not sure if I'll be popping on here for the next week, so toodles for now. Hope you have a great week, whatever you're up to.  xojac


mise said...

Have a great time - I'll be looking out for a blue silk dress worn with New York confidence around the country lanes.

Jenji said...

Hurrah! Drizzle or no, you'll surely have a fantastic time with all your favorite people and teatimes... Have a great and inspiring trip!

Kate said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time at home! I want to get there someday... it would be a nice family-friendly vacation I think!

josie said...

safe travels j! hope you have a great time in ireland. stay warm!!

smallsight said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip! carly

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