Jan 2, 2011

Twenty Eleven

Here's hoping by Frank Chimero

I never start New Year's resolutions on January 1. In fact, I don't even start thinking about resolutions until at least January 2nd, when my head suddenly feels light and the future clear (sinus meds help). I worry I'd resolve something rash like "Run every day" or "Give up sugar" if I compiled my resolutions amid December's jingles, shovels, cork-popping, and register-ringing ... so I wait. I let my hopes/dreams/plans/evil schemes for my new year brew for a few days, and then I resolve. 

I'm happy to have a clean slate. Happy to plan things that will make me broad and full (classes, travel, reading, making, risk-taking) and things that will make me narrow and empty-looking (regular exercise, healthy-eating, increased water-intake). 
I'm happy it's 2011. 
I really hope you are happy, too.

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