Jan 23, 2011

This weekend ...

It's cold out and only getting colder so I'm in hibernation mode. I spent last week running around and was doing my best to spend the weekend lying around until a new duvet cover arrived and triggered/demanded a room makeover, which in turn triggered/demanded a dustball chase, closet makeunder, and mid-life crisis. I wonder if this happens to squirrels.


Damien Rice singing on "There are Debts," the title single of Dubliner David Hopkins' album. I haven't heard anything from Damien Rice in ages, and I'd forgotten how much I like his voice (maybe because I'd filed him next to Sara McLachlan on my take-a-break/do-not-playlist). This video lacks in the moving-image department but the song makes me want to resurrect Rice and find out more about US-based David Hopkins. Think I'll give his album a go this afternoon.

There Are Debts at Amazon.com
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Room by Irish writer Emma Donoghue. I've been lost in Patti Smith's Just Kids for the past few weeks and so Emma Donoghue's much-lauded Room was a little bit of a shock to the system when I started it this week. It's the story of a boy and his mother imprisoned in a tiny room for years, and honestly, I felt so uneasy when I first started reading it that I thought to return to Just Kids ... but I couldn't leave it, and I'm so glad I didn't because Room has me held captive now.



I haven't checked out Mercury Orchid's Etsy shop in a while and a quick peek this morning showed that this Sligo-based jewelry designer has been busy making beautiful new pieces. Especially love her oversized Nestled in the Forests ring (the center image above), representing "Three droplets of water that nestle contentedly in the lap of the heart of the forest."

Now, back to my midlife crisis, Jets football food (great insulation against this cold weather), and trying on everything I own with my new duvet cover. Happy hibernating!

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