Jan 4, 2011

Miracle Bell: Future Kings

I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but I do, all the time. I will one day read the Putnam translation of Don Quixote that I just had to buy in a used bookstore in Atlanta last year, but for now it sits on a bookshelf in my living room, picking up on other warm yellow accents, and looking very pretty indeed. When I see a piece of clothing named after me (or theoretically, another Jacinta—as if!), I feel inclined—nay, obliged—to buy it ... and inclined—nay, obliged—to make sure the sales associate knows I am the house muse.

 Jacinta silk vest from JCrew and Jacinth sweaterdress from Anthropologie

I also judge bands by their names. When I came across Kildare band Miracle Bell the other day, I wanted to love them, just because I love the story of the Miracle Bell.
Put the kettle on ...
In the mid 1300s, the Spanish faithful were fighting a losing battle against the Moors. In desperation, the Spanish Catholics gathered all their gold, silver, and other metals together to construct a bell in tribute to St. Joseph, praying that he would turn the tide of war in their favor. An inscription on the bell reads "San Jose, ruega por nosotros"(St. Joseph pray for us!), and sure enough St. Joseph came through; the tide of the war  miraculously changed, and eventually the Moors were chased from Spain. Fast forward a few hundred years and the bell is relocated to the Americas to the Church of San Miguel in the capitol of New Spain (Santa Fe).  Here, the bell earned its title when a blind man who frequented the chapel could suddenly see when the bell rang (by itself). It was hailed far and wide again as a Miracle Bell and is still on display in the church today (a.k.a. the San José Bell).

See? The name of this band has all the ingredients—war, religion, sex (poetic license), blind men who suddenly see—for an excellent episode of VH1 Behind the Music. And Rolling Stone Magazine would no doubt want to play on this backstory to say that Miracle Bell are bringing electro/synth pop sound to the deaf with their album, Light Shape Sound, and song, "Future Kings."

It might be a miracle that a song got me moving and shaking on a Tuesday. "Future Kings" is available as a free download on MiracleBell.com.

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