Jan 5, 2011

Electronic Sheep

I read an article about Guinness heiress and fashion muse Daphne Guinness in the New York Times at the weekend and was inspired to jot some of her thoughtbytes on playing with fashion into my trusty notebook/list of quotes to inspire resolutions (and maybe even revolution):
"Of course I get it wrong 60 percent of the time, but it's about the experimentation ... Even though I am not trained at this, I try to find new ways of expressing myself and to use whatever it is I have creatively. "
I love to get dressed. I love to play with layers, textures, and patterns. Thing is, I work from home and—I know it's no excuse, really—but the mailman just doesn't appreciate it when I have successfully pulled off the stripes-with-florals look. The one time he commented on my get-up was to tell me to lose the long bohemian skirts and wear shorts—completely disregarding my protestations that I don't look good in shorts! Adding to my mailman-don't-send-me-flowers issues, I have to walk almost fifteen blocks to pick up my son from school every day, and I'm usually running late, so my shoes have to be practical. Once you start wearing practical shoes, before you know it you're wearing practical socks, too, and it's all downhill from there. Also, cry me a river but I get cold sitting at a desk all day, so any effort made in the morning is usually buried under bulky socks and sweaters by afternoon. Sigh, it's so bad that my youngest bought me two pairs of ski socks for Christmas; I DON'T SKI!!!

Daphne Guinness and I have nothing in common (unless she actually drinks Guinness) but her words spoke to me. I, too, want to experiment. I want to use whatever I have creatively. I want to be less ... dull? Sadly, practicality has taken root, so I also want to be warm.

Enter Electronic Sheep (On a sidenote: I would love an electronic sheep!) ...

Electronic Sheep is an Irish fashion label specializing in graphic knitwear accessories. Designers Brenda Aherne and Helen Delany graduated from Dublin’s National College of Art and Design (Aherne in Fashion, Delany in Graphic Design), and after much work and world-travel experience, they came together to establish a knitwear label, specializing in accessories and demonstrating strong visuals and inventive use of color. Their Autumn/Winter 2010/11 collection, "Pyramids & Pipes," takes its inspiration from Sir Francis Drake's early European perceptions of the New World, as well as the perceptions of more recent sailors than Drake. I'm in love with this collection, with the piling on of interesting layers, and I'm inspired to be warm and cool, too.

Lov-lov-loving the knitted triangle scarves available in their online store from €35—€70.

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mise said...

I laughed at your mailman tribulations and was full of fellow feeling, except that I'm not as good at you at experimentation and must stand in front of the rails and up my game.

Daphne Guinness has been doing the media rounds here lately and every time I see an interview with her I admire her more. She makes me want to change my name to Amaryllis Gin-and-Tonic and be more acutely pensive.

How long is fifteen blocks in kilometers? (apologies for lack of metropolitan awareness)

Jacinta said...

Ha! A name change to something like Amaryllis Gin-and-Tonic would surely bring about an immediate attitude change, too; I would never again wear ski socks (and could also put the mailman in his place next time he knocks my efforts!)
I had heard that 12 city blocks is roughly 1 mile but I checked it out on onlineconversion.com to be sure. Fifteen blocks is 1.207 008 kilometers and—more impressively—1 584 military paces/1 207 008 000 000 nanons/3 715.693 173 8 royal foot! Wow!


These scarves look great, I'm going to check them out.
I found your blog googling Jasmine Guinness. Her designs are available from Littlewoods in Ireland not just Very from the UK. In case that helps. I've bought 2 dresses - ab fab.
Happy 2011!

Jacinta said...

Hey Nuala, thanks for swinging by and for the tip re Jasmine Guinness—I'm going to be home next month so I will definitely be checking out Littlewoods! Just checked out your site and I promptly ordered a copy of your novel—can't wait to read it. Congrats on your success! Happy New Year to you, too!


Ooh thanks a million. I hope you like it. It's set in Dublin so if you're from there you'll totally get the language etc. Ah, you will even if you're not!
Lucky you living in NY - we content ourselves with visits. We got married there last May. Totally brilliant! Going again in April - can't wait!

Jacinta said...

I'm from Clare but I went to college in Dublin so I'm looking forward to a refresh on the lingo! I'm actually going to be staying in Dublin for a few days next month and I'm looking forward to seeing it with fresh (toursity-ish) eyes and at a slow and leisurely pace. The last few times I've been to Dublin have been quick stops on my way to visit friends, and even when I lived there (many moons ago)I rarely wandered beyond Rathmines.
I do love New York but there are days when I think I'd swap it in a second for a little patch of Clare or Galway—I suppose we all have those days. I have similar struggles with curly v's straight hair!
It must have been so exciting to get married here and so smart to have the annual excuse to return! Let me know if you need any help planning your next trip (I just wrote a chapter of Fodor's New York City guide—2012, so I am at least current with the Union Square to Murray Hill area!).


Wow - I love Fodor's they do the best guides. I have a Fodor's for NY (and one for Paris). I'll buy 'your' one next year! I love Union Square - the market, the HUGE Barnes & Noble, Wholefoods, Filene's!
I'm from Dublin living in Co Galway - like anywhere there are pluses and minuses. Lots of peace for writing here but I miss the city buzz.
Have a great time when you are home - hopefully the weather behaves.
I'm with you on the hair - mine is neither here nor there. The dreaded 'kinky'.
Nuala x
p.s. Got my latest Jas Guinness dress half price in the Littlewoods sale. Bloody well fab! Defo worth checking out!
p.p.s. Word verification: 'unity'.

Jacinta said...

Nuala, I love that the title of our chat here is "Electronic Sheep!" I love a vicarious bargain as much as one I find myself so congrats on the Jas G dress! Littlewoods don't ship internationally so I'm struggling to decide if I should chance my size and take advantage of their sale now and ship to my sister ... or wait until I get home. Love the Miss Daisy tea dress; I don't drive so it'd be fitting to wear a "Miss Daisy" dress when I'm being ferried around! Ugh, "fitting" is the prob though ... I really don't want to measure my backside to confront my UK size—not right after Christmas! I'll prob wait and fate will decide when I'm home.
ps. Funny, I just ate at Whole Foods last night! Be sure to visit Strand Books next time you're in Union Sq. (it's the opposite side of the park to Barnes and Noble), and take a stroll in nearby Gramercy Park, too.


Electronic Sheep indeed! I'd go nutsy without the internet. Are you on Facebook? Send me a friend request if you are/if you like.
I love Strand - bought Patti Smith's biog there last time - brilliant.
Ah Wholefoods - they have such cool vegetarian stuff. We go there and drool.
Make sure you order the hardcopy of the Littlewoods catalogue to go to your sister's place in Ireland for when you get there - nothing like the catalogue for swooning (well, I live in the sticks, so catalogues are a must!). Online is where the sale stuff is at.
I always read the product reviews aswell - they are a great source of info for sizing. I bought my latest JG dress in a size smaller cos several reviews said it was baggy around the bust. Perfect fit in smaller size!

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