Dec 7, 2010

We Want Blood, The Mighty Stef

With lines like "Well, I'm drunk as a parish priest on the lies that you told us" and "Hey Mr. Politician, it's time to depart," The Mighty Stef's We Want Blood, "a universal song of disgust at the powers that be" might just be the soundtrack to Ireland 2010, the reaction to Budget 2011 (announced today in Ireland), and maybe even the new national anthem.
Warning: there's a little "colorful" Irish language if you have sensitive ears.

No one likes a downer, especially this time of year. I'm usually more interested in dipping cheese cubes in christmassy musical fondue a la Cliff Richards, Shakin Stevens, Band Aid, and Wham, but this year, I'm feeling The Mighty Stef's grit and anger, and its peddlars-of-pissed-off influences like The Pogues, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, and The Rolling Stones.
The Mighty One's new album,  TMS and The Baptists,  was released at the end of November, and contains "nine new songs of sin and redemption where hope and hopelessness walk hand in hand down the wet streets of Manhattans Lower East Side to the dingy graveyards of Berlin where the record was conceived, written and recorded." 
I'm planning much sin and redemption over the next few weeks so this is exactly what I need to be listening to.

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