Dec 2, 2010

Tea and a Thought: Pro(ductive) Bono

I had a lovely three-hour tea-time with a friend yesterday catching up on all that has happened since we last saw each other, a year ago. A year is an awful long time so we both had to talk at the same time to catch up in three hours. Sadly, I have several friends I don't see often enough for us to be able to talk one at a time, and it just makes me wonder, "Where does the time go?" and "How does Bono do it?" (Not that this is an entirely unnatural train of thought, but to clarify, I had just heard an interview with Bono when I was lamenting being too busy to see friends regularly.)

Bono seems to do it all; he saves the world, entertains the world, and has tea with world leaders in his spare time. He breaks his back touring, has three new albums ready to roll (a rock album, a dance album, and a meditative psalms album), and to be sure he covers all genres in your music library, he's been working with the Edge and Julie Taymor on a soon-to-open-and-way-over-budget rock opera, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

Oh, and he showed up on the back of my magazine this morning, too, getting his  Next Top Model on with his wife in a charitable Louis Vuitton ad campaign shot by Annie Leibovitz.

I'd hate him if it wasn't so cool to hate him.

Of course, who knows if Bono actually manages to see friends with all this gallivanting? Sigh, I bet he does. Anyway, I guess the point is that if he doesn't it's because he's busy for real, not busy in a vague/uncharitable way like I am. Of course, he probably doesn't sleep, hence the 24/7 sunglasses. I could do it all (or at least the carrying-the-Louis-V part), and see friends, too, if I didn't sleep for eight hours every day and sometimes spend two hours watching home improvement shows. I should be more like Bono.
(tick tock, tick tock)
You know, "Be more like Bono" just became Resolution #1 for 2011. Actually, it's really the only resolution I need, as all my other resolutions (i.e., "wear leather pants") are implied. Wow, 2011 is going to be great!
I wonder if Bono has a therapist? Maybe I should get a head start there ...


sjd69 said...

I thoroughly enjoy your blog...but this one, i believe, is my absolute favorite! I can't say just why, but it is delicious :) Thank you!

Jacinta said...

Oh why thanks so much for your delicious hello and note! xj

jaboopee said...

hello jacinta, i went to the same school as 'paul and ali' they made me sick then with their incessant smooching in the corridors ( get a room !!) and this ad just brings back all those feelings ! ( or is it jealousy ??)
thanks for your comments on mine

Jacinta said...

Oh that's too funny that you went to the same school as them—the fact that they were sickening kind of takes the shine off the photoshopping in the LV ad! Have you read Killing Bono by Neil McCormick, another schoolmate of Bono and Ali? On a sidenote, your school def produced some serious talent (yourself included)... do they accept mature students I wonder?

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