Dec 8, 2010

So Here It Is, Merry Christmas!

I'm getting my Christmas tree tonight so I'm busy getting in the Holiday spirit today. In my imaginary world, "getting in the Holiday spirit" means I've been planted in front of a roaring fire all day, drinking rich hot cocoa, and holding hands with the carolers who came to my door. In the real world, I've been planted in front of my computer screen, drinking too much tea, and holding hands with the school nurse who doesn't know how to handle a parent who under-reacts to a seven-year-old's claims of illness ("a blast of fresh air and he'll be fine!"). 

Minus the roaring fire, handcut marshmallows, and touchy-feely carolers, I'm cramming for my tree-finding expedition with Christmas music; I love Christmas songs and love to be surprised by new versions of old favorites. I was delighted to see that Carosel recorded an acoustic version of Slade's Merry Christmas Everybody; it's a simple and lovely version and makes me want to drink mulled wine, knit socks, and bake reindeer-shaped cookies for the school nurse. Yay! Holiday spirit!

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