Dec 28, 2010

Snow Day/A List of Lists

view from my dining room window (doesn't it make you want to jump?)
test-driving my new snow boots
losing a snowball fight

We woke up to Irish weather in New York yesterday. "Irish weather" used to mean pelting rain, but this year it means snow—lots of it. I spent the day ploughing ... through a few feet of snow outside my door, a box of Roses, a new book, and Lego instructions. It was the perfect snow day, and also the perfect day to catch up on some of the "best of" lists popping up about the place. Of course, I'm far too snowed in mentally to actually compile my own list, but here is a list of lists making me feel like I am in touch with what's going on at home ... until it's a new year and I'm behind again!

The Telegraph's Five Best New Irish Acts (Villagers, Babybeef, Solar Bears, The Cast of Cheers, Adebisi Shank).
The Irish Times Page Turners: The Books We Loved Reading in 2010, the books that earned pride of place on some well known Irish shelves this year.
The Irish Independent's So What Did You Read This Year?, a list of favorite books from well-known Irish personalities. 
Nialler 9's Irish Albums of 2010 Poll Results (the results as well as the full list of 124 contenders is worth a look to see what a great year it was for Irish music).
The Irish Times: After the Headlines, the Reflection, Six Irish men and women who made the headlines in 2010 reflect at the end of the year.'s Best Irish Movies of 2010 roundup.

I'm sure there will be more lists as the week winds up/the year winds down, so I'll keep an eye out for any others of interest. Now, back to eating/making videos of my cat/sleeping my way out of this blizzard ...


josie said...

you actually went outside to play in the snow! good for you! i spent my snow day at home... dinking wine :)

(cute coat!)

stay warm!

Jacinta said...

Hey Josie, Happy Christmas! Yes, I made an appearance outdoors and I was glad I did while the snow was still white—by today it was dirty, and a nuisance to hike over at street corners. (Thanks re coat; it's something I really should have tossed like four years ago when it started losing buttons and pocket lining, but it is just such a handy number for knocking about that I may have to resign myself to patching those pockets and mending those buttons ... and wearing the same coat in every winter picture taken of me!)
Your snow day sounds great to me. Maybe I'll give it a go tomorrow! xj

mise said...

What a lovely bright whiteness you guys have over there. May 2011 treat you very well, from a fellow Lego assembler (firefighter set). Bliain nua faoi mhaise!

Jacinta said...

Go raibh mile maith agat Mise (love that in thanking you "Mise" I am techinically thanking myself too!) Happy new year/Lego sets!

Jenji said...

Happy new year! Love that you jumped right into the snow -- best way to inaugurate those boots! (I must admit, I was sorry to miss the chance to play, even if I was somewhere much warmer.)

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