Dec 17, 2010

The List

"It doesn't hurt to put it on the list" I heard my seven-year-old say to his friend as they sat to write their letters to Santa the other day. Dog? It doesn't hurt to put it on the list! Swimming pool? It doesn't hurt to put it on the list! iTouch, iPhone, iPad? Hey, it doesn't hurt to put it on the list! Movies, mansions, 64 crayons (a mercy item), flat-screen TVs ... their lists grew long as their dreams gained steam, and much as their lists did hurt Santa, I didn't have it in me to burst their bubbles—dreaming big sounded like so much fun! So, instead of worrying that my kid confirms multiple "Kids these days" theories (as well as the suspicion that I am raising a chancer), I have decided to practice reckless wishlisting, because ... well, it doesn't hurt to put it on the list!

1. This oak, ash, and walnut table made from sustainably managed forests in Ireland, by Irish designer Gearóid Muldowney of Superfolk.

2. Some (as much as you can carry) tough-but-chic bling from Macha Jewelry.

3. A large python and leather tote (for travel/work) and a small woven leather duffle bag (for lunch/nights out) from Pauric Sweeney.

4. Breville Pie Maker so I can make Mince Pies, mini apple pies, and meat pies; Williams-Sonoma.

5. A wool and chiffon peekaboo dress (to show off my abs from the boxing class I will take in January) from Irish designer Emma Manley. Oh, a stylish wool-and-leather cape, too, (for February when I turn back to jelly.)

6. A wild wool dress and georgette blouse from John Rocha.

7. A handknit and personalized teddy bear by Dublin-based KnitByMommy.

8, 9, and 10. Okay, I'm running out of steam here. It's really not as much fun as I thought—too much built-up guilt and not enough imagination. For 8, 9, and 10, I will borrow from the boys and just say iPad, mansion, and dog.

I'd also settle for slippers and pajamas.


nadia stieglitz said...

I love John Rocha! Great picks Jacinta.
On my LIST is an escapade for a week in a painting studio with natural light, a good heater, good music, good food, a good bed, a few good friends and we paint. Oh do I miss my studio!

Jacinta said...

Oh that sounds divine ... I'll add that to my birthday list! Hope Santa brings it to you!

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