Dec 24, 2010

John Lennon is singing to me "And so this is Christmas. And what have you done?" Not much John Lennon, but I've been sick all week. I've been planted on the couch, hugging a pot of tea, and warming my arse to the glowing Christmas tree (which looks warmer than it actually is). I spent the week sleeping,  shopping online, and feeling sorry for myself because my kids don't know how to make tea. Somebody, please call Social Services. 
I'm finally feeling a bit better today and will be taking full advantage of these few days before I have to face "Another year over and a new one just begun." Many of my week's to-dos (make mince pies, make Christmas pudding, learn a Christmas song on tin whistle, knit a tea cozy) have been bumped to next year's Christmas list—which at first felt a bit depressing but now feels like a neat and tidy gift sitting under next year's tree.  I haven't done much John Lennon, but I know that as well as questioning what I had done you were hoping I have fun, so I will focus on that this Christmas Eve with ice-skating, hot-chocolate-drinking, shopping, painting my nails red, wrapping gifts, and drinking Santa's stout. I hope that wherever you are, you are also focusing less on what you have not done, and more on the fun!
Nollaig Shona Duit/Happy Christmas to you and thanks for stopping by!

xo Jac

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