Dec 9, 2010

Avoca Spool Scarf

Love these 100% lambswool Avoca scarves available online at one of my fave stores (for creating personal wishlists), Terrain. I normally think about Avoca in Duty Free in Shannon Airport where the idea of reupholstering a yet-to-be-sourced vintage armchair in soft and lovely Avoca blankets competes with the idea of me sitting on my existing sofa wolfing down Butlers chocolates. Butlers chocolates are usually two-for-the-price-of-one while Avoca offerings are usually one-for-the-price-of-two, so I usually pad my thighs and wishlist by choosing the chocolate as my traveling companion.

Enough about me and Duty-Free; these Avoca scarves would make a lovely gift for a nice neck on your giftlist. (I hope you buy one so I can feel better about swiping the idea of wrapping scarves on a spool!)

P.s. How cute are these chocolate Christmas treats from Butlers?


mise said...

There's something about that spool idea - it's ridiculous, yet makes me want to buy one.

Jacinta said...

It is crafty in every sense of the word. I'm imagining all of our winter scarves rolled onto spools and sitting in a rustic wood bowl by the front door ... and also imagining myself chasing everyone to roll their scarves back onto their spools "for God's sake, I don't ask for much!" ... and then having to do it myself. Sigh. Still, they would be a nice gift-wrapping idea for someone else.

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