Nov 11, 2010

Mary Callan Knitwear

It's getting cold in New York. It's getting cold and I'm getting old. Old New Yorkers (a.k.a. Snowbirds) usually flock to Florida for the Winter, but I'd prefer to hang around, so I'm looking for sneaky ways to add warmth to my wardrobe. See, New Yorkers are hardy but also hard on anyone who dresses all-out-winter when it's still autumn (it's kind of like an American wearing wader-wellies for a soft Irish rain). Thinking I need a few pieces from Marry Callan's Knitwear collection; her handmade chain necklaces with interlinking crochet circles are woolly and warm but stylish, too.
Mary Callan graduated from Fashion Knitwear at Central Saint Martins, London, and then worked with Chloe in Paris, John Rocha and Lainey Keogh in Dublin, and at Knit One in Brighton. She now works from her studio at the foot of the Mourne mountains in County Down (doesn't that sound dreamy?), where she creates modern pieces inspired by vintage knitwear. I love the chunky Aran-wool chain necklaces as an alternate (ahem, underlayer) to a  plain scarf, and love even more that it's the kind of piece you don't have to take off indoors because it works as a necklace, too. If you are warmer/younger than I, you might like Callan's  less bulky crochet necklaces; they're made with hand-dyed wool and fashioned to sit flat against your chest. Comfy cozy and cute gifts.

Now, I just need some woolly knickers to match ...

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