Nov 30, 2010

Lola Dee Pom Poms

I was looking for a winter hat with a pom pom. That's not true—I was actually looking for a winter hat with three pom poms, two of them of the gigantic variety to knock sense into me with every bouncy step. Anyway, I didn't find my winter hat—or sense—yet, but I did find Cork-based Lola Dee, maker of charming and fanciful pom pom headbands.

I'm thinking a pom pom headband would make for festive, and easy, party dressing this Holiday season; I mean, who's going to notice the rest of your outfit when you make such a statement on your head? I'm not entirely sure I wouldn't look ridiculous with a giant purple pom pom growing out of the side of my head, but then, I'm also not entirely sure I take enough fashion risks these days. A few giant pom-pom-knocks to the head and I won't care either way!

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LolaDee said...

Just found this post via a google search and wanted to thank you for featuring my pom poms :) I often wonder the same (re: looking ridiculous) but they're just so much fun. If you wear something with confidence and think YOU look good, you'll only ever look great and never ridiculous :D hehe xo

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