Nov 26, 2010

Green Friday!

Now that I have the Thanksgiving gobble-gobble-wibble-wobble over with, I can heartily fling myself headfirst into Holiday shopping. I usually fling myself arseways, but this year I'm trying to head-off shopping problems by reminding myself regularly that 'tis not the season to shop for me. 'Tis the season to shop Irish and to help out Irish makers and shakers, so with that in mind I'm shopping up Irish gifts for friends and family/me. Here are a few lovelies that are currently triggering my annual one-for-me-none-for-you shopping reflex:

 Silk purses by Bag Noir
  Mohair and silk scarves by Ruby Star Knits
Sweet little handfelted bears from Ememem
Sheepskin stool by James Carroll; Linen pillows by Kaftansarafan
Journey Through the Stars ring by Mercury Orchid
Prehnite necklace by Abigail Percy; Seaglass and silver necklace by Irish Sea Glass
Cozy woolen wrist warmers from Pooka Designs
Pretty tea bowls by Heart of Ireland
Thanks in advance to An Post and the United States Postal Service for taking the fall for me (again) this year; "lost in the post" sounds a lot better than "kept it for myself."


mise said...

Very funny, and a lovely selection of things. Shall we share a pair of those lovely wristwarmers between us...?

Jacinta said...

Only if by "share" you mean you buy them and I wear them and I share stories of city adventures with our wristwarmers and you share in the joy of all the compliments I get wearing them. And then I let you borrow them (when they need to be washed). If so, you've got a deal!

smallsight said...

What a nice treat to catch up on your blog after a busy month! These Irish-made gifts are really beautiful and also a great reminder for me to put meaning into the before and after of gift shopping.

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