Nov 16, 2010

The Calvinists

Photos by Kait Hussman

When Matt Gross got Lost in Ireland a few weeks ago for his "Getting Lost" series for the New York Times, he also found a new Bantry rock and country band called the Calvinists.
"They were awesome: straight-up rock with a country accent, courtesy of the banjoist Taidhg Burke and ... thanks to Noel Maguire’s effortless voice…the whole room hummed with enthusiasm and pride. I was part of something. Maybe this was a moment that, years from now, I’d remember as a big one." ~Matt Gross
The Calvinists found themselves thrust into the limelight, and they are now eager and excited to harness all that attention and earn/validate such praise, premature as it was. See, these four lads from Bantry—Taidhg Burke, Frank Wieler, Noel Maguire and Daragh Coakley—have been banging away at the happy art of music-making but they haven't performed outside of Cork yet, and they haven't actually recorded anything either! Well, it seems Matt Gross has lit a fire under their arses and they are now banging away in a studio, hoping to release their debut album early next year. Can't wait! In the meantime, The Calvinists have been kind/smart enough to make their lead single Anchor available for free download on their site.

If you'd like a visual, check out this YouTube video:
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