Oct 9, 2010

This weekend ...

to Irish Indie Rock lads, Two Door Cinema Club. Good weekend stuff. So far my favorite tune is Come Back Home:


I caught Des Bishop's hilarious and moving show, "My Dad Was Nearly James Bond," the other night and I have been laughing quietly to myself since. Des proves the truth in the Irish theory that the best way to deal with anything—even his dad's cancer diagnosis—is with humor. P.S. I was lucky enough to meet his debonair dad—Bishop, Mr. Bishop—after the show and I can confirm that Bond, James Bond is not a patch on him.


Darina Allen's Irish Traditional Cooking. I just recently picked up a copy of this book after reading that Darina had journeyed around Ireland collecting and preserving recipes and regional dishes. I'm loving all the anecdotes, the color, the trivia, and the sense of history. It's fascinating!
"Beestings Pancakes: Beestings is the name of the very rich milk which the cow produces immediately after a calf is born. In some parts of the country it was never used for human consumption but in others it was highly prized and shared with the neighbors. It was made into pancakes and beestings curds. The third milking was considered to be best for these recipes."
Inspired now to get cooking. Wonder if I should go for the whole book a la Julie and Julia ... Jacinta and Darina doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it?

Happy weekend!

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