Oct 19, 2010

Michael Leong

I knit my first hat this weekend. I wasn't looking to take the Irish millinery world by storm with my first endeavor, but I guess I was hoping to gain some interest. Instead, I gained inches. I tried it on and immediately imagined what my grandmother (the only woman who will honestly/brutally tell you if your butt looks big) would think. I decided she'd take a long hard look at my hat and say "It's a grand hat" ... and then she'd ask me how I gained all the weight. My husband refused to take my does-this-hat-make-my-butt-look-big bait, so I asked my son; ow.
On the bright side, it's warm, and my head and backside are finally proportionate.
I took to the blogosphere for consolation and found a little inspiration, too, in a  post about Irish milliner and hairstylist Micheal Leong, entitled "This is millinery" over on Eilis Boyle's Silent Storyteller.  I was reminded that I need to start thinking outside the  box when it comes to my creations ... and that black is very slimming on the head.

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