Oct 25, 2010

A Moment of Madness

I'm going to be walking and wandering, perusing and pondering a small section of Manhattan this week to update a chapter of a New York City travel guide. The weather is going to be perfect for pounding the pavement and I'm really looking forward to relaxing the I'm-not-a-tourist act I've been perfecting for the past fifteen years. I can finally look up! I can take pictures! I can walk slowly! For the most part, I'll be soaking in the sights and sounds of Manhattan, but I'm going to add some new tunes to my iPod for those times in my week where I'll need a little shake, i.e., my commute in and out of they city, the seventh floor of Macy's, and that stretch of time/city between The Museum of Sex and The Morgan Library.

I just read a few pieces in the Irish Times (here and here) about Dublin fiddler, composer, and multimedia artist Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and his new album—Le Gealaigh/A Moment Of Madness, a collaboration with West Kerry box player Breanndán Begley, and I'm thinking this album will be the perfect soundtrack to propel me forward this week.
"West Kerry box player Begley has discovered a new zest in his playing since making the acquaintance of Dublin fiddler Ó Raghallaigh (a recent west Kerry resident himself), who engages with all manner of music with unprecedented freshness and lateral thinking. The pair’s approach to this collection of polkas, slides, marches and slippery jig (a variation on a tune borrowed from the great Paddy Cronin) would put fire in the belly of a corpse. It’s a picaresque expedition into the unknown, with feet, fingers and the wily spirit of two passionate players lighting the way ahead." —Siobhan Long
Ó Raghallaigh will most certainly propel you into your week, but he'll possibly delay you too, especially if (like me) you tune into his YouTube channel first thing on a Monday morning. Still, I can think of no better way to kickstart your week. You're going to love this guy. Here are a few of my favorites:

Ó Raghallaigh playing What What What:

A little film of Ó Raghallaigh collaborating with Icelandic band Amiina at Ireland's Festival of World Cultures, July 2010:

And a video from Ó Raghallaigh's MultiMe series, featuring himself, himself, and himself playing the Glin Cottage Polka:

Buy Le Gealaigh/A Moment Of Madness on CD Baby.com ($9.99)
Woohoo! Happy Monday!

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smallsight said...

Sound like a great way to spend the week, rediscovering the city around you. Thanks for sharing the music, can't wait to dig in! carly

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