Oct 1, 2010

The Big Comknitment

I just read a very upsetting statistic: every year in Ireland around 2,000 people over the age of 65 die from cold related conditions. I'm so shocked and saddened that the only thing for it is a bit of  therapeutic knitting.
Innocent Drinks, makers of all natural and all-good smoothies and juices, is staging a Big Knit, asking knitters everywhere to send them mini-hats for their smoothie bottles; for every behatted bottle sold, Innocent will donate 25 cents to Age Action, a charity dedicated to empowering and caring for Ireland's older population.
At first I thought it might be more practical to knit adult-size hats to keep the elderly warm, but of course they don't need hats, they need money to pay their heating costs and money to keep Age Action going. I love the idea of knitting a little smoothie-bottle hat that will festoon a bottle in an Irish store and sway a buyer to support this great cause. Also love that it might live a second life as an egg-warmer or a little doll's hat.
Innocent is aiming for 80,000 hats by November 10, so if you'd like to whip up a few bottle warmers, bask in the warm, woolly glow of helping out an old biddy,  and use up some scrap wool at the same time, you can find patterns, inspiration, hats of the week, and other details at innocentdrinks.ie.

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