Sep 14, 2010

Irish Farmer Calendar, 2011

I know a lot of people who start thinking about Christmas the week after last Christmas. I usually fall into the two-weeks-before-Christmas-is-time-enough school of thought myself, though it would be nice to have more time for cookies and obsessive tree redecorating this year. I'm thinking that September is the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas; it's not so early that people will hate you/resent you/make fun of you, and it's not so late that you will hate you/resent you/make fun of you.
I'm thinking to kick off my slow-and-steady Holiday season today by ordering a few copies of the Irish Farmer Calendar for 2011.

I'll order one for me (because my uncle won—and didn't appreciate winning!—my copy of last year's calendar in the Christmas grab bag), and a few copies for friends. It's a unique and fun gift, contains 100% Irish beef, and proceeds benefit Bóthar, an Irish charity specializing in improved livestock production to enable communities worldwide to overcome poverty (and it's perfectly decent to objectify Irish farmers when it helps hungry children).

Irish Farmer Calendar is offering free postage to anywhere in the world until September 20. Just type the promotional code VIP2011 after you click the "Buy Now" button.

Farmer Calendar on FB


CR said...

Hi Jacinta, Please get in contact and you will be rewarded. ;-) Visit 'contact' on the Irish Farmer Calendar website.

Jacinta said...

Oh my goodness; how cloak and dagger! I'm almost afraid to click "contact" for fear I won a farmer. Was it Mr. February? God, a farmer would come in very handy around the house. Will I have to pay for postage? Do I have time to get a haircut and maybe loose ten pounds before he arrives, wellies and all?

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