Sep 20, 2010

Emé Vandal A/W 2010

This is what my hair looked like this morning when I was standing outside my front door, waiting for a locksmith. I wish I'd had my camera so that you could see for yourself that when "styled" with sweats, a t-shirt, and blue, bare feet, it's not quite as chic. 
Of course, I also wish I'd had my keys. 
The locksmith was delighted I didn't have my keys, though I'm sure he was also cursing the lack of a camera; the vision of me, Mrs. MacGyver, dismantling the door handle with a twig, my teeth, and raw fingers (and let's not forget my bare feet), would have been quite the hit on YouTube or in the office later on. As he screwed the handle back on and then released my lock (and $300 from my wallet), I vowed to never  EVER walk to the front gate on a windy morning again, or at least not without a hairbrush and keys, or an outfit that could rise to the occasion.

The entire Emé Vandal Autumn Winter 2010 collection, from Irish designer Alison Conneely, is exactly what I need for any and every occasion. My windswept/unswept hair with one of these stunning outfits would have made all those thousands of/forty-one passersby think I'd intentionally locked myself out of the house ... just to show off my fierce fashions.
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Annika said...

OMG what amazingly beautiful clothes, for any hairstyle I should imagine

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