Sep 10, 2010

Behold: The Kug

I'm going to skip right past the where-I've-been-all-week formalities (because it's far more exciting in your gutter-minded imaginings) and get right to the woohoo-it's-Friday part: Woohoo—it's Friday! My own imagination is running a little wild this morning at the discovery of—drumroll please—the Kug. 
It's a kettle-and-mug/kiss-and-hug combo, designed by Irish twenty-somethings Ben Millet and Alan Harrison, as part of a project at the National College of Art and Design.  It's basically a cup-size kettle; the outside cup has a hidden element in the base which connects to power to boil, while the inner cup is removable and can be washed after use. You need access to an electrical outlet to power it, though their ad indicates the finished design might allow for car or usb chargers, too. A solar charger would be a nice touch for committed (should-be-committed) tea drinkers like me.
Apparently the Kug was designed with arthritis sufferers in mind (lifting a kettle can be a pain when you have bitching bones), though, I secretly believe it was designed just for me, and every other tea lover, struggling to find a hot—not microwaved warm—cup of tea in New York.  It'd be a handy gadget for new moms, too, because they need the caffeine more than the rest of us and the ability to heat up/whip up bottles on the go is a nice bonus.
Love that the Kug is easy on the eye and easy on the environment, too—you only boil the amount of water you actually need and you won't need paper cups when you leave the house.  Come to think of it, I'd also be less inclined to stop at Starbucks, so it'd be easy on my wallet, too.
Visit Kug's site to register interest so they'll know there's demand, you'll know when you have the perfect gift for the arthritic, ecomaniac, and tea-aholic in your life, and I can leave the house/my kettle.

Sidenote: See my Found It Loved It column over on DivineCaroline today for more tea-rrific finds.

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