Aug 26, 2010

Packable Wellies

I keep wanting to compare myself to a mud patch. In America you can make statements like that and people will stop and slap you on the back for being so self-aware, and then support you as you remove gluten from your diet. Truth is, I am deluded; what I'm really doing is romanticizing the rain. (Again, I would be congratulated here for pushing myself to face harsh realities.) Before you start raising your hand ("Miss, miss, miss!") to point out the obvious that mud patches are far from romantic, let me share that this morning I responded to a friend's inquiry as to my well being with a rambling, rosy  account of how I—like my garden—had been a barren, burned out dust patch, until a few days of shaking, waking rain left me a fertile, renewed mud patch. Yep, my garden and I were not just wet by the rain, we were renewed.  What I should have said was, "My feet have been wet for three days and I hate wet feet," or at least, "Fine thanks, how are you?" 

Romanticizing the rain is a huge problem for me: it ties into my struggle with my Irish identity in America, and how I sometimes feel I have to give the people what they expect of me (we won't delve too deeply into that right now as I really don't want to remove gluten from my diet),  and it means I never pack practical shoes when I'm going home. I always think it'll be invigorating and renewing to have Irish rain on my feet, and so I pack open-toe pumps, sandals, and ballet flats. On a less-deep note, I also need all the length in the leg that I can get, so I show a lot of foot.
Having wet feet the past few days has me thinking ahead to my next trip home (at the end of the year), and wondering how I can pack around my delusions/complexes. 
I'm thinking these amazing foldable wellies might be the answer:

They're called "Pacablz," and as the name would suggest, you can pack these boots away (next to your five pairs of impractical shoes) in a neat carry bag, making them perfect for travel. They're made by Japanese rain boot manufacturer, Amaort Design, and available in nine bold colors on their site for 7,245 Yen. If  you don't need to confuse the fact that you are spending a lot of money for a pair of wellies by shopping in Japanese currency, you can also find them (in one color) at FreePeople, for $128.


mise said...

My dear, have you considered removing gluten from your diet? It's making you too darn funny. Nice wellies too.

Josie said...

Nice wellies! Pity I'm jus hearing about these today, I'm going to Ireland on Wednesday so I will have to just pack my Hunters instead, but I'll keep those in mind for the next trip.

How was Montreal?

Jacinta said...

Josie, hope you had a great trip over—sounds like you might have needed those wellies?!! Did you watch the All-Ireland?
Thanks, Montreal and Quebec-City was really great; loved it, and definitely planning a return trip!

Josie said...

Hi Jac!
I had a fabulous time! Definitely needed some wellies, it rained almost every day I was there. Yes, I got to watch the all-ireland! The bf is from Tipperary, so it was good craic partying with the winning team hahahaha!

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