Aug 3, 2010

Orla Kiely Autumn 2010

August in New York is not pretty. It's sweaty bras, swampy subways, and stinky streets. It's also everyone who struggled with self-image issues in July finally accepting it's too late to get in shape for bathing-suit season, and just letting it all hang out on Coney Island beach. I used to blame the Fall fashion editorials for brainwashing me toward wools and tweeds when it's one hundred degrees outside, but this year I've decided it's the bare-ass ugliness of August that makes me yearn for Fall with all its rich fabrics ... and coverage. 
Sigh, I wish I could open my wardrobe on September 1st and find it filled with Orla Kiely's Autumn 2010 line. Bags, shoes, and even socks included. Double sigh. 

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mise said...

Oh yes, there's some good stuff here! I'm not normally much of an Orla Kiely follower but that red coat, in particular, calls loudly to me.

Jacinta said...

You know I've been hot and cold with Orla; I loved her cars print a few years back but then her stuff was everywhere here (but pricey like it wasn't everywhere) and for a while I only liked her notebooks. I have to say I'm loving her clothing lately, maybe because it doesn't have her signature patterns. Yes, the red coat is not too shabby at all. The more I look at it the more I think I'd love a red coat. Or a red dress. Or red shoes. I'm loving some of her dresses, too, though I can't see myself pulling off the socks and shoes look. I'd stick with trusty tights! (maybe red tights?!)

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