Aug 5, 2010

Orla, But Not Really

I was just commenting to Mise the other day that I am weary of Orla Kiely's stem print. It's one of those designs that—if you hold your nose and block your tastebuds—is actually quite lovely, but it's been overexposed. In fact, it's ruined nature for me. 
But then, a while ago, I was checking in on my personal textile designer (well, I do own two of her "Colt" pillows), Heather Moore, of South-Africa based Skinny Laminx, and I saw her "Orla" stem print on tea-towels, pillows, and armchairs ... and I fell back in love with nature. The stem design is inspired by Orla Kiely, but the beautiful shades of lemon, olive, grey, black, and red, and the natural cotton and linen fabric, are less in-yo'-face. Makes me want to sing "Now, won't the real Stem Shady please stand up, please stand up, please stand up ..."

I need to get me to Brooklyn Flea market so I can find some poorly armchairs in need of a makeover, what-not-to-wear-360-mirror-and-all. Check out these makeovers from Skinny's blog:

 all images copyright Skinny Laminx
SkinnyLaminx blog
Skinny Laminx shop

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