Aug 31, 2010


I feel like my cat today. It's not that I pooped on the rug, coughed up a hairball on my bed, or whined until someone fed me; I feel re[yawn]laxed, fattened, and content like ... well, like my cat feels everyday. I just had the quintessential long summer weekend, filled with sunshine and singalongs, lake swimming and midday drinking. I feel like someone just rubbed my belly for four days straight and my fur is finally sitting right.

Purrrr-fect day to discover Irish band, Carosel. Carosel is made up of Michelle Phelan and Pete Mc Grane, both Irish living in Paris. Any other Tuesday I would dislike them just for the fact that they live in Paris and I don't, but today I feel only love.
Their recently released single and video, Star, shows them gallivanting around Paris, looking chic, making upbeat, catchy folk-pop music, and living the grand old life.

 I also quite like this acoustic version of their song, Take Me.

Loving their breezy, feelgood vibe—a buttery wine-cheese-and-croissant sound they never could have perfected on porridge and pudding back home—and eager to hear their second album, in the works right now. (You can hear a few reworked songs from their debut album, Kaleidescope, on their site.)

Live vicariously through the band at
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Read Michelle's food blog, GreenTeaandBiscuits

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