Jul 31, 2010

This weekend ...


The Swell Season and The Frames. I was supposed to see The Swell Season—Glen Hansard's band with Marketa Irglova (catapulted to fame by their Oscar-winning film, Once)—in January at Radio City Music Hall, but had to fly home the day of the concert for a funeral. It was very decent of Glen and Marketa to come back to my patch of the woods last night, and participate in Celebrate Brooklyn, just so I had a second chance to catch them. They sounded fantastic and the weather was better, the beer cheaper, and the seating (grass) more comfortable than Radio City. Glen was raw and honest as always—love boasting that I used to watch him busk way back when he/I was a young one—though, I'm not sure an outdoor venue is the best way to appreciate Marketa's delicate voice or to really feel their soulful ruminations on love. That said, it was so lovely to bask in their talented glow on a warm summer's night. Have to add that the park was filled with swooning and swaying couples and that there was much open boob-groping, but, it being Park Slope, of course all couples were one-part hipster toddler!
Much as I love the whole soundtrack to Once, and Swell Season's Strict Joy, the highlight of the night for me was Glen and Marketa's cover of Van Morrisson's Into the Mystic—one of my very favorite songs. Found this version on YouTube:


I made banana bread on Friday to use up too-ripe bananas (a recessionary act that will assuage the guilt of the intended purchase of a not-on-sale skirt this coming week!) so I won't be baking again this weekend. Instead, I am making. I can't support my three young camogie-playing nieces as they hone their hurling skills on a pitch in Cork, but I can make sure my sister is warm enough to stay rooted to the sideline. I'm almost done with a pair of mitts (fingerless mittens) for her, and just starte knit-up a scarf, too, to keep her hollerin' chords warm. 


Ghost Light by Joseph O'Connor. It's a work of fiction, but loosely based on the much frowned upon love story of playwright John Millington Synge and his leading lady Molly Allgood. Really hope it's all good (sorry).

Have a great weekend!


Jenji said...

Gorgeous yarn / mitts... and thank you for making me laugh before my coffee with your toddler boob-groping line!

sonvolt73 said...

So, I came across this blog while on Google images looking for County Clare GAA Jerseys (you mentioned Clare Jerseys in a posting about Paddy's Day). Anyway, I've started reading through, and was glad to see you writing about Glen Hansard and Once. I think my fascination with exploring my Irish roots started when I was in High School and The Commitments had just come out (Glen playing Outspan Foster in that movie). I promised myself that someday I'd visit Ireland, and three trips across the pond later I still haven't gotten enough. The cast of The Commitments are kind of special to me, and I'm glad to see Glen is still around. I'm jealous that you got to see him and Marketa- I didn't realize that they were still playing music together. Nice blog! :)

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