Jul 23, 2010

This weekend ...

Oh fair weekend, where have you been all my week?


Chariot by up and coming Co. Meath band, The Cast of Cheers. Their debut album is available for FREE download at Bandcamp.


Once Again, The Irish are Leaving Home
"After almost 20 years as Europe’s strongest economy, during which hundreds of thousands of Polish, British and North American immigrants flocked to Dublin for work, the Irish are once again a nation of emigrants."

Focus on People and Jobs, Not Bankers and Bailouts
"The ESRI predicts up to 200,000 people will emigrate between now and 2015."

 "The Irish are among the most loath in Europe to consider emigration — yet by next April, economic necessity will have forced 120,000 workers to leave the state in search of work."

5,000 Each Month Are Looking to Emigrate
"More than 5,000 highly educated Irish people will be forced to leave the country over the next month due to unemployment."


Irish Apple Cake. I know, I've made this before (I'll take a better photo this time). I know, it's too hot to put the oven on. I know, I should try something new. I also know that I'm PMS'ing and hot Irish Apple Cake with heavy cream WILL happen tonight and nourish me all weekend!

Have a great weekend!

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