Jul 2, 2010

This weekend ...

I think I need to get myself a set of those Days of the Week knickers I used to have when I was a kid. If I had put on Thursday knickers yesterday, I'd have physically, and mentally, noted that Friday was coming at me. Instead, it caught me unawares ...


Herbie Hancock's The Imagine Project. It's a collection of international collaborations, bringing together renditions of iconic songs that run the gamut of musical traditions and mother tongues. Particularly interested in Lisa Hannigan's collaboration with The Chieftains and Toumani Diabete on Bob Dylan's The Times They Are A' Changin'. Hannigan translated a verse of this song into Irish (the presence of several languages is essential to Hancock's concept for the project), and I was reading in The Irish Times last week that she was quite nervous about her rusty Irish. Hancock was excited about the idea that audiences in different countries could hear lyrics in their own language, so it makes perfect sense that people in Ireland will be able to hear the lyrics of an American song in our language—rusty Irish!


It's Independence Day weekend, so I'm planning to bake red velvet cupcakes with white cream-cheese frosting and blueberries, inspired by the delicious red velvet cupcakes at New York City's Magnolia Bakery.


Irish American Story Project. Just stumbled across this site today and plan to spend a little time reading the stories posted there over the weekend. (Hoping the content will be more interesting than the design of the site; sounds mean, I know, but the design makes me feel the audience wears Aran tea-cozy caps and practical shoes.)  I'm quite interested in stories of Irish emigrants and of the experience of their Irish-American offspring. I've also long been surprised that Irish American publications have not tried to harness and serve that niche audience by allowing them to share their stories. Anyway, it somehow seems apt to read Irish-American stories on July 4th weekend ...

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