Jul 2, 2010

A Revealing Photo

I used to try to defy cliché Irish stereotypes but I'm tired of fighting my true self. Truth is, I love potatoes. I love Guinness and tea, too. I think myself a singer after a few pints of Guinness and a poet after a pot of tea. I tested positive for the "gift of the gab." I look good in green.  I enjoy a practical joke. I have unusually good luck. I can talk for hours about the weather. I could go on but instead I will share a revealing photo taken of me on a recent trip to Paris. Note my stubby, hobbit-like hands holding a rainbow. Yes people, I am leprechaun. (Please don't insult me by asking for  three wishes or the  location of my pot of gold; I shudder at such offensive stereotypes!)

Portrait of the Blogger as a Young Leprechaun, taken by Sarah Collier


Jenji said...

Gorgeous photo!! Does "makes everyone happier, even on gloomy days" count as an Irish stereotype or is that just you?

Jacinta said...

That would be the subliminal tag line for Barry's Tea. I enjoy a good dose of doom and gloom too much to make anyone happy. Thanks though!

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