Jul 30, 2010

Pandora Bell

Sfwah! Fwyugh! puh! I wish I'd cleaned my computer screen before I came upon the delicious-looking packaging and goodies of premium Irish confectioner, Pandora Bell. Nicole Dunphy, the Willie Wonka behind the Limerick-based company says, “The Pandora Bell philosophy is that a high quality daily treat is a healthier and more satisfying way to enjoy sweet things than a mouthful of artificial flavorings." (To fully explore this theory I think I should see how satisfied I feel with a mouthful of Pandora Bell  salted butter caramels.) "Confectionery made from honey, eggs, nuts, butter have to be more delicious than sweets manufactured with ingredients that sound more suitable for a laboratory than a kitchen.” Love Pandora's sweet philosophy, the vintage-inspired packaging, and I think their cute hampers would make great gifts—there's even a wedding collection (nice touch for an Irish-American wedding).

Now, while I clean the dustballs off my tongue, can everyone else get over 3D technology and onto 4D, 5D, or whatever frickin' dimension involves me plucking one of those chocolate eggs out of my screen!

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