Jul 5, 2010

No need for panic!

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I want you to know that I'm here for you; I'm just not actually here for you. I'll be back in a week. I've decided that my computer and I need to see other people.  So I'm off. Living the high life. Laying low. Taking it easy. Playing hard. Losing myself. Finding myself. Exhaling. Inhaling.
I wouldn't mind a week in Ballybunion, but unfortunately I can't catch a ferry from New York. I'll have to make do with Montreal and Quebec City. Keep calm and drink tea until I get back.
À bientôt!


josie said...

Hi Jac!
Hope you have a fabulous time! I just got back from Montreal yesterday, such a great city!!


Jacinta said...

Thanks Josie! I can't go now until the weekend but let me know if you have any must see/do/eat! xjac

josie said...

Hi Jac! Sorry about your friend, just saw the post.
As for places in Montreal definitely go to Old Montreal for a day, also, Rue St. Catherine is a lot of fun. Lots of shopping, music and craic. (The sex shops/strip clubs are just part of the charm). We stayed in a hotel on Rue St. Hubert, I found it to be very close to everything. We walked everywhere, but they also have bike stations everywhere which a lot of people take advantage of.
I'll let you know if i think of anything else.

Jacinta said...

Thanks Josie; We'll be staying in Old Montreal I believe so I'm glad that's a good location. Looking forward to walking everywhere, and eating everything! Doing Quebec City, too, so should be fun. xj

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