Jul 8, 2010

Hello Abigail Percy

I've been hanging out in that lazy, hazy,  place between work and play this week. It's where I don't allow myself to get out of bed at 6, I don't do dishes until 4, and I don't leave the house until 5. It's also where I excel at mini-golf, fail at rollercoasters, and eat fried chicken for supper three days in a row. If the term "staycation" wasn't so last year, I'd say I'm on one. And I like it.
Anyway, it was while staycationing about in my air-conditioning this morning that I came across Abigail Percy Designs, and the discovery made me sit up straight for the first time in days. Originally from the West End of Glasgow, Scotland and recently relocated to Belfast in Northern Ireland, Abigail Percy's jewelry is inspired by "a personal love and fascination for historical repeat pattern design, particularly floral." The domino-discovery of Percy's beautiful jewelry, her homewares line, a collaboration with equally talented partner, Ryan Bell—Abigail Ryan, and Ryan's own jewelry and handbag line—Desire Lines, is enough to exhaust my attention, budget, and internet access for the next few days.
Sigh, by the looks of things Abigail Percy does not slack about padding her staycationing-arse with fried chicken and honey mustard sauce ...

Abigail Percy Jewellery

Abigail Ryan Homewares

Desire Lines (by Ryan Bell)

See what I mean? I'm so exhausted from all this wishlisting that I need a vacation.

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Abigail Ryan said...

I just found your blog via my shop stats and wanted to stop by to say thank you SO much for your super lovely post!! Delighted to know you like the fruits of our labour...

...just between you and me, though - Ryan and I have pretty much been on 'staycation' too since I moved over 2 months ago - motivation is UBER hard to find when it's sunny and you are surrounded by a zillion boxes needing tended to...procrastination is a major buzzword around here right now! ;)

Long may your lovely staycation continue!

Thanks again... Abigail (and Ryan) :) x

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