Jul 26, 2010

Designer Laura Eliason

Want does not even apply here; I need.

I recently came across Laura Eliason's designs,  and—having a bit of a weakness for crocheted necklines and interesting jewelry—I decided to find out more about this Cork-based designer. Unfortunately, Laura Eliason is not my long-lost cousin, and so she will not be furnishing me with a complete wardrobe of gorgeous, custom dresses and jewelry to make up for the lack of Christmas cards all these years. Sigh. Fortunately, her cool dresses, jewelry, and hairbands are all available for sale in her Etsy store, Arguing the Mobius, and you don't have to be related to commission a custom order. Laura also has a great blog/window into her studio, LauraEliason.com, where she shares designs in progress, and where I learned she is a heart-transplant to Ireland (i.e., she was born in the States, has lived outside it—Russia, Switzerland, UK—for more than half her life, and—awww—moved to Ireland for grá/love!) She describes her new home as "The one place where you can not possibly say the grass is greener elsewhere."
I'm loving Laura's crochet neckline dresses, and my head is filled with all sorts of Autumn-appropriate versions in rich and vivid colors. I'm also loving her jewelry offerings ...

Her pieces are truly unique; each piece is unusual and also limited to a single occurrence (a numbered tag indicates its place in a series). Love that the earring designs represent patterns from Laura's handknit fabrics, and that the pendants have different handpainted designs on each side so they can be worn two ways.
Yes, need.


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Laura Eliason said...

Wow I've just come across this post and your blog, thank you SO so SO much for your kind words. Really made my week. :) Hopefully will soon have more delicious crochet to show you. Much love.

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