Jul 20, 2010

De Bruir Leather Goods

It was my sister's birthday a couple of weeks ago. We don't usually exchange gifts, probably because we both suffer from postofficeitis, but this year I wanted to mark the occasion with a little surprise. Along with postofficeitis, I am prone to a brainpox known as "The best of good intentions," so I decided to up my sister's chances of actually getting something by shopping Ireland's Etsy shops.
Given that my sister swipes a handbag from me every time I'm home (unless my mother beats her to it), and that every Irish woman I know has a serious handbag fetish, I thought I'd shop her up a nice handbag. A long search later I concluded that much as Irish people love to have handbags, they don't love to make them. Seriously, there is such a dearth of attractive Irish-made handbags, that if I was any bit industrious, I'd be taking a handbag-making class right now.
Anyway, this is all a long backstory to how I discovered De Bruir leatherwork, a small design studio in Co. Kildare. 

Using traditional saddlery skills and combining both hand and machine stitching, De Bruir specializes in a range of high-quality leather luggage, technology holders, and document sleeves that you can tell will just keep getting better looking with age. 

Ahem, and speaking of looks, it doesn't hurt that your raw and ruggedly handsome luggage, iPad or iPhone cover was handcrafted by a raw and ruggedly handsome Irishman, Garvan De Bruir. De Bruir uses a variety of soft tactile leathers and robust saddlery leathers in his designs as well as natural felts and real sheepskins, and can customise designs to suit all stationary and technology needs. He's also a sculptor and furniture designer, too. 

I almost ordered this gorgeous Parachuter bag for my sister, thinking with a house full of kids and animals she might appreciate having it at hand. But then it occurred that 1. she might prefer a real parachute, and 2. she'd also prefer that I save my pennies so that I can cover every gadget I own in luxe De Bruir style. 

I got my sister soap.

DeBruir's Etsy shop

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K said...

He's definitely ruggggedly handsome and unbelIEVably talented. Mmm.

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