Jul 21, 2010

The Builder by R. Alverston

I just preordered a copy of The Builder by Spokane singer-songwriter-director Rick Alverson. It's his first feature film and stars actor Colm O'Leary as an Irish immigrant carpenter who goes upstate New York to build a house. I haven't actually bought a movie in a long time, but for some reason this one speaks to me. I'm always interested in how the Irish immigrant experience is portrayed, and there's a lot of buzz about this movie online; I'm hoping it's a keeper. It's available for preorder now at Jagjaguwar and on July 27 at Amazon.

The soundtrack sounds great, too, with music by Bon Iver, Califone, Gregor Samsa, Pan American, Robert Donne, and Spokane. The description of the soundtrack mentions "A faithful rendition of an Irish traditional song that features the brother of The Builder's Colm O'Leary, Eamon, on bozouki and backing vocals. The song's lyrics—Don't care for fine mansions in the earth's sinking sand/Lord, build me a cabin in the corner of Glory Land—might serve as a jumping off point for the movie itself."
Listen to "A Cabin in the Corner" here and Sharon Von Etten's haunting "I Couldn't Save You" here.


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Jacinta said...

Just revisited The Builder's site to download the soundtrack and it seems to be suspended. Odd. Saw from the movie's FB page that the movie will be available on Netflix, and Amazon, too, for anyone interested. I just got my hardcopy today so I'll be watching it later. Jac

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