Jul 20, 2010

Be Mine: Teacup Print Purse

Dear nasty budget devil resting on my shoulder,

Before you assume that I am being reckless in buying a little purse I do not need, let me tell you that I am only considering this cute little Orla Kiely purse on sale for $49 (it was $109) at Swirl because I want to be more careful with my money. My current wallet has a wimpy little change compartment which means the money is literally sieving through my hands, leaving a trail of all-important pennies behind me. Also, its unfetching design does little to encourage actually stopping and thinking before I spend. This teacup print purse however has a secure penny-pinching-clasp design, and its cute and adorable print will distract me at the point of purchase every time. It's also water/flood proof. Did I mention I love teacups?


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