Jun 25, 2010

This weekend ...

I said "Have a good weekend!" to someone on Tuesday this week; it was Wednesday before I realized that was a bit weird.  Now it's finally Friday, and I can say it—without any delayed-reaction weirdness—to you: "Have a good weekend!"


This delicious "Side of the Road Strawberry Tart" as found on Lilly Higgins. Strawberries are so good right now and if I'm going to fatten up before putting on a bathing suit, I can think of no better way than with buttermilk pastry cream. Thinking to test this recipe this weekend as a possible dish to bring to Fourth of July BBQ next weekend (that's how I make myself feeling better about making it twice in a week).


... knitting projects for Christmas gifts. I'm not one for celebrating Christmas in July, but this year, I'd like to start thinking about it while there's still time to make an extra of everything for me (only way anyone's getting a gift!) Ogling these beautiful skeins of hand-dyed yarns from Cork-based Hedgehog Fibres. Yes, I ogle yarn .. even when it's one hundred degrees outside.


Irish-American friends with this "How to Sort the Real Paddies from the Pretenders" quiz, written by Darragh MacManus for the Irish Independent in response to the Irish Government's plan to introduce a certificate of Irish Heritage to the Diaspora.

Have a great weekend!

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