Jun 11, 2010

This weekend ...

Neil Jordan's Ondine. The Irish Film and Television Awards (the Irish equivalent of the Academy Awards) awarded Colin Farrell with a statue for Actor in a Lead Role for his role in this movie a few months ago.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce in anticipation of Bloomsday. (Can't tackle Ulysses in a weekend!)


Raspberry chocolate chip cookies. I've been haunted by the phantom smell of these cakey cookies since I first saw them on SugarSoapandSandpaper.com

The Brooklyn Shamrocks Gaelic Football club's Field Day!


josie said...

hi jacinta,

long time lurker, first time commenter here... i really like your blog and find myself visiting almost every day. anyway, where are you going to see ondine? is it playing in nyc?

have a great weekend!

Jacinta said...

Hey Josie, thanks for visiting, commenting, and for lurking, too! I was planning to see it at the Landmark Sunshine Theater on East Houston Street (212-330-8182) until I saw last night that it is showing on Movies on Demand under "Early Screening" so I may just watch it from my own couch! Are you thinking to watch it?

josie said...

i saw the preview online and was intrigued... did you watch it yet? what did you think of it? i'll have to go to the theater since i don't have cable.

Jacinta said...

Hey Josie, so, I just watched it. I liked it. It was a good rainy evening movie and it was a nice escape (beautiful people, scenery, music). I'm reluctant to say go see it in case you'd want more for your movie-$15 than just a short escape, mild fuzzy feeling, and desire to have longer hair and legs. If you need tears and blood, too, it might be a rental. I liked it. Sure, I kept wanting to pull Colin Farrell's hair out of his face, and wondering how this lovely looking creature was always in short skirts and not blue on the coast of Ireland, but I like a good fairy tale and handsome/salty fisherman, and I like how Neil Jordan can conjure up mystery and magic onscreen. Farrell was subdued but still charismatic and his co-star, Alicja Bachleda, was beautiful and mysterious. Love that they fell in love in real life, too, and now have a baby together. Sigh.(Aside: love Farrell without his rascal Dub accent--he was a right country man and it's proof he's a great actor because he made country sexy!)
Haha sorry, I'm not sure I can help you decide whether to see it or not. Enjoy if you do and let me know what you think. Okay, I recognized Lisa Hannigan on the soundtrack but I'm off to source another song I liked now.
best, Jac

josie said...

hi jac!
$15 bucks is a little much but at the same time you make it sound so pleasant so i am a bit torn. on one hand, i do love me some colin farrell and it is so wonderful that him and alicja actually fell in love in real life! i'll think about it for a bit, i'm kinda hoping netflix will have it soon ;)
hope you are having a great week!

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