Jun 9, 2010

Spotlight: Ellen McDermott

all photos copyright Ellen McDermott

I just recently discovered Irish photographer and artist, Ellen McDermott, and I am really loving  her surreal, strange, original, and sometimes slightly spooky (but always interesting) portraits. I'm not quite sure what it is I'm drawn to; I think it's that she manages to capture that "look right through you" skill kids have. I also just love photos of unsmiling kids (does that make me a bad mother?) Either way, her portraits make me stop and stare, which is exactly what you want in a portrait. Ellen accepts commissions and charges less than 100 euro so if you're planning a visit to the South East of Ireland you might want to schedule a sitting. My sister has to get her girls in front of this camera. 
Hoping Ellen turns her lens on old women—or even middle-aged women—next ... I'd be so interested to see what she sees.

Check out Ellen's blog, Keynoter, and her Flickr album.

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KEYNOTER said...

Thanks for your lovely comments about my work ;-) I do hope I get to meet your sister one day ;-) Greetings from ireland

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