Jun 21, 2010

J.W. Anderson AW '10

I have no idea what I'll wear tomorrow, but I know exactly what I'll be wearing come Autumn and Winter, albeit in my dreams ...

Irish menswear designer, J.W. Anderson, has mercifully turned his skills and scissors to creating his first womenswear collection for Autumn/Winter 2010. Anderson describes his punk-influenced menswear line as "Saints or assassins with a cross-country paramilitary vibe," and his womenswear line has the same inspiration, but with the idea that she had borrowed her clothing from her boyfriend or lover. As if punk-paramilitary/cross-country-assassin lovers would share. Seriously hearting/hurting for this collection.

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mise said...

I like it. We'll all have to start sharpening our attitude for Autumn/Winter at this rate.

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