Jun 16, 2010

Happy Bloomsday!

Today's the day Ulysses fans take to pubs and bookstores in Ireland and all over the world to celebrate all things Joyce. (Yesterday was the day to Google Ulysses quotes and read Ulysses SparkNotes so that you could hold a conversation—or at least nod knowingly—in same pubs and bookstores.) Today is also the day I feel like a bit of a fake. I'm afraid to write the next sentence for fear my American friends—who count me as their token Irish friend—will think me less Irish, but I can't be the Paddy they want me to be (except when it comes to Guinness, tea, and bad language). 
See, I have never finished Ulysses.
Sorry, I tried. I kept thinking I'd get back to it, but, well ... I never did.
I've read—and enjoyed—Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Dubliners, and Finnegans Wake, but it doesn't matter 'cos I've never finished Ulysses. You know, I bet if I asked my friends at home if they've ever read Ulysses, the general response would be "Go away or that, I did not; I'm waiting for the movie!" I wonder if I should start waving this unfinished achievement as a badge of authenticity, like that I've never eaten Corned Beef and I don't drink in pubs called The Blarney Stone? Nah, I should probably just knuckle down and read it.

If you're also waiting for the movie, you might settle for the comic book in the meantime!

All images copyright  Throwaway Horse, LLC.

Created by Throwaway Horse and illustrated by artist Robert Berry, "Ulysses Seen" is a visual accompaniment to the novel, and devoted to fostering an understanding of this masterwork by joining the visual aid of the graphic novel with the explicatory and interactive aid of the internet. It's an interesting idea and beautifully executed so I'm thinking to give it a go—should be through it by next Bloomsday!

Note: If you have an iPad, you might want to download the free app here. It was originally censored by Apple for a nude scene, but the ridiculous ruling was reversed just in time for Bloomsday.

Ulysses Seen comic
Ulysses Seen blog

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Jenji said...

Ha! If any Americans raise an eyebrow, ask 'em if they've read it themselves... or for that matter, finished "Moby Dick"!

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