Jun 24, 2010

Get Your Mug on A Barry's Tea Box!

I never knew it until now, but I've ALWAYS wanted to have my picture on a box of Barry's Tea. It seemed more realistic to aim for my picture on a carton of milk, or in the 'before' side of a before-and-after sagging jowls advert, until now ... The Barry's people are apparently so excited about winning the People’s Choice Award in the SuperValu Irish Producers Awards that, as a thank you, they are creating a special edition pack of Barry’s Tea Gold Blend covered with pictures of Barry’s Tea fans. This is my golden opportunity to have an official Barry's Tea golden moment!

If you've also long harbored this tea-dream, send your highest-res pic possible to the Barry's tea PR peeps at barrystea@thinkhousepr.com. Please don't take my corner of the box.

Now off to obsess about my pic ... with or without tea-bag earrings?

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