Jun 2, 2010

Egg Head

Paris egg

I have an egg problem. No, I don't have an allergy (Irish people don't get allergies, silly), and I don't have constipated hens (Irish people who live in Brooklyn don't have hens, silly). What I do have is a mild case—or carton?—of Eggs Whenaddict (which is not silly at all).
It all started a few months ago when I took part in an acting workshop given by Irish director and producer, George Breslin. There were several interesting exercises designed to help us shake off inhibitions and shake free memories, and one shook free a few eggs. As our group ran back and forth, slapping walls and pounding out memories, I was amazed, amused, and then embarrassed at how egg-oriented all my memories were.

SLAP! I remember counting eggs.
SLAP! I remember breaking eggs.
SLAP! I remember collecting the eggs for Nana.
SLAP! I remember the hen-shit squishing under my wellies when I went in to get the eggs.
SLAP! I remember the fairies leaving eggs in the corner of the fields.
SLAP! I remember leaving eggs under my aunt Bernie's cushion.
SLAP! I remember wrapping eggs in newspaper.
SLAP! ... I wanted to SLAP myself into some other line of thought but I couldn't!

Fast forward a few weeks and I'm drawing smiley faces (with curly hairstyles in different color marker!) on my boiled egg breakfasts, taking eleven pictures of eggs during my weekend in Paris, and only one picture of the Eiffel Tower, and obsessing over what my mother should name her three new hens (Betsy, Peggy, and Maggie).

I also can't stop noticing cute egg stuff:

Darning eggs by StormyAutumn

Good egg containers by JFishDesigns

Egg loves bacon notecards by FuzzyGrapefruit
Birch trays that look like eggs frying in a pan by Majamoo

Herb egglings by Heliotrope
Graphic egg cups with matching silicon lids by Verner Panton

Cute egg cozies by Sabahnur

Sigh, I thought all these lovely yolks would purge my Eggs Whenaddiction, but I'm feeling even more scrambled now. SLAP!

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