Jun 10, 2010

Egg Cracker

Yes, I'm talking about eggs again. I saw this Punch Ball Egg Cracker this morning and thought it'd make a great gift for anyone who was not rared eating boiled eggs out of an egg cup, i.e., eggheads—or my friend Amy. 
I had breakfast with my friend Amy before she went to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day last year, and as I watched her struggle to get her boiled egg open (served to her minus an egg cup) I feared for her reputation and life in Ireland. She was rolling it, tapping it, cajoling it, and tossing it from hand to hand, and all the while I felt I'd failed her as a friend. I'd brought her a t-shirt to wear on her trip, but what she needed was an egg decapitator. This ingenious tool quickly and painlessly removes the top from an egg, so Amy can go about her breakfast and day with her own head held high. Simply position it on the top of the cooked egg, and drop the weighted ball twice.

 Punch Bell Egg-Cracker, $40, YankoDesign


mise said...

How have I lived without one of these? The US are so very far ahead of us.

Jacinta said...

But you have your spoons and your skills, padawan. It is brilliant though; I would love to produce it at the breakfast table on a Sunday morning and swiftly decap my egg. I could see my grandmother shaking her head and reminding me that they didn't have egg crackers in her day ... and they used a wheelbarrow in lieu of strollers!

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