Jun 15, 2010

Be Mine: Macha Jewelry

Dear Santa,
 I love you. How are you? I hope this finds you well and good and enjoying that Disney Cruise; God knows you deserve the break, and it's great that the elves can pick up a little seven-dwarf-work in the off-season. Santa, I know you were probably planning to magic me an iPad for Christmas, but that's not what I want too kind. If you must reward me for being less bad so good this year, you could get me  every piece several pieces every piece in Irish designer Bernice Kelly's beautiful jewelry line, Macha.  Her work is raw, rugged, and yet elegant, and while not overly precious, her rings are bringing out the Gollum in me. (Note: Armagh-born Kelly is now based in London so be sure to set your sleigh's GPS right.)

Here are a few of my favorite pieces in the line. Again, don't feel you have to hold back.
 I love you Your hair looks great!

Ps. Macha regularly posts latest designs on its Facebook page (great way to score Christmas-cookie points!)

Macha's Etsy Store


josie said...

ooohhh!!! purty!!

Brittan said...

Jacinta, I just discovered your blog through the Mice and I LOVE it (and this jewelry...oh my!) Can't wait for the next installments and our next outing together. See you soon. Brittan

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